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Levko – the mop with a twist.

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by Daniel Djarmati
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Moping floor boring as it gets, and yet there is something truly rewarding when you see your squeaky clean floors shine for that one moment, before someone starts steps on it and it becomes a dirty old floor again. It is Sizif work and kind of ritual ending up with up with a bucket of water being pored while you wonder - is it really possible that there was so much dirt in my house.

And then the bucket goes to bathtub or a sink for a refill.

Snezana Jeremic, talented product designer from Serbia decided it is time to end heavy lifting and solve this problem in a unique and innovative way.

Levko is concept mop for cleaning that can be used to fill a container with water. The handle has been designed in a way that allows you to easily fill a bucket from water faucet in a small sink. If you have a container that can’t fit the your sink, carefully position a Levko in a way that will funnel the water into the container below.

We hope Levko will hit shelfs soon. In the meantime when you are taking a break form heavy lifting make sure you check out some other work of Snezana on her Behance profile.

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