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Balkans in SPACE

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by Balkan Labs
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We are very proud to show you a great new game development coming from INDUSTRY Entertainment kitchen.
INDUSTRY Entertainment is a software label for publishing games, and development tools for mobile, handheld and wireless markets. It is the brainchild of Nemanja Bondzulic also known in geeky circles as Cyborg, and he is the main guy for everything… he works and collaborates with many artists and developers from the region. Superverse is the 4th game that they are developing, and by far the most complex project to date…

Just like the best visual games, SUPERVERSE is a 3D space arcade shoot'em up video-game with spacecrafts, lasers, rockets and other weapons in a space combat. You can only count on your own reflexes, speed, weapon destructive power and shield to protect yourself while taking care of enemy spaceships, asteroids, explosions and particles around. SUPERVERSE is currently in development, and coming soon to PC.
The game has been in the making for several years taking the technology developed for it to perfection. Somewhere in 2013 we decided that it's about time to complete the game and release it publicly. In March 2014 the game name was changed from Astroids, which was the working title used, to SUPERVERSE.

Take a look at the gameplay and teasers below, tell us what you think and show some love @ Superverse official page

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