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Balkan Labs is a GO!

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by Balkan Labs
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After some exciting months of preparations,
we are officially open for business!

About us

Balkan Labs is an art & tech collective from the Balkans. Our collective is currently 30 talent strong, and we are always looking for new people to collaborate. Our aim is to give creative tools to creative agencies and companies alike. We see ourselves as a talent pool of creatives with unique styles, expertise and skillsets to bring expertise and enhance creative output.

Balkan Labs also collaborates with many production companies, studios and independent agencies. What we do, we call Creative Production. We think that in current production landscape there is a room for a more fluid way of collaboration, working flexibly with budgets deliverables and deadlines. We want to make ideas happen, everything else is negotiable.

Why Balkans

The Balkans are uncharted territory, difficult to navigate (to be completely honest there are places where even we don't go), but definitely full of potential. We are so close to "the world", geographically, historically, culturally.... but so far away... Balkans have passion and strong will (some will call us stubborn), and yes we do not do all things by the book, but that makes us different. We were always a melting pot of different cultures, religions and people. This very diversity lies at the heart of our creative strengths.

About craft & art of making things

Craft and mastery are things we love and we are very proud of, and we don´t mind getting our hands dirty. We make things, break them and make them better. We are explorers and sometimes we get lost in details, but we know when to stop, but always keep pushing.

Diversity of talent

We are illustrators, motion graphers, CGI artists, animators, typographers, game designers, developers, musicians and composers, branding and design specialists. Our talent comes from all walks of creative life.

How do we work

We work on a project basis, sometimes a single freelance recourse, or in teams, depending on projects and requirements. To start with anything we would need a brief, based on which we pick talent that offers the right fit of skills, style & experience. After talent confirmation, next steps would include creating timelines, milestones, pit stops and finally delivering the end product. We do project management on small and large projects as a key link between talents and agencies, where we can act and react to problems, find alternative solutions, talent etc… also we are very good at twiddling our thumbs when everything is going good :)

Our Office

Our first office is in Berlin, Germany, where we hope to make our first steps in achieving our goals. The operation is led by the founder of Balkan Labs, Daniel Djarmati, an experienced CD with international experience who decided to leave the comfort of agency life and go on this adventure. Always in the mood to meet, grab a coffee or a beer (he drinks usually Radler, and more than often gets frown upon for that).

Let us know what you think. Hope to hear from you soon….

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