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A long time ago in a…

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by Daniel Djarmati
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Growing up in Yugoslavia and being born in time that my country was dancing on fine line between East and West, I didn't get opportunity to experience or play with the Star Wars action figures. There I said it, to be honest I didn’t even know that there were SW action figures so I guess I didn’t suffer much :)

Until one day walking with my family I spotted a bizarre looking shop window, in all honesty I am not sure if I remember it correctly but I think it was plumbing store (or something similar). The shop window itself had absolutely nothing with nature of business they conducted, behind dirty glass display, someone had neatly arranged universe of toys and action figures...and there they were in a corner, a Stormtrooper & Bounty Hunter figurines. Around 30 cm in height, they were magnificent. I remember clearly pushing my face into glass trying to somehow go through it and reach them.

Star Wars are greatest serials made till this day, some will say that originals are better than prequels, I kinda tend to agree, but I do like them all. The thing that makes it so magical for me, is the setup - galaxy far far away… It is so rare that concept and content go so well with each other, but even rarer is when the story worlds are endless.

I always wondered how would it be if George Lucas went all out and merchandised the shit out of Star Wars, like Angry Birds are doing it with much weaker content. Well he certainly tried, and here is a great documentary that explores world of Star Wars toys.

" Plastic Galaxy is a
documentary that explores the groundbreaking and breathtaking world of Star Wars toys. Through interviews with former Kenner employees, experts, authors, and collectors, it looks at the toys’ history, their influence, and the fond and fervent feelings they elicit today."

Here is a trailer, you can watch a whole film (if you pay for it) on Vimeo on demand.

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